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JolixTools is a software laboratory producing FREE high-quality media programs to cover a wide range of needs in the digital environment!

Jolix Media Player is a compact audio player designed to offer a big musical experience in a tiny package that makes the most out of your MP3 files. jolix-media-player-free
Jolix MP3 Recorder logo Jolix MP3 Recorder is a multi-featured general audio-recording tool capable of capturing and converting the sounds from virtually any source into high-quality audio files you can save on your computer with a simple click. Jolix MP3 Recorder
Jolix CD/DVD Burner logo Jolix CD/DVD Burner is the proper solution for those of you with frequent CD/DVD burning necessities and little time to waste. The program is exceptionally good at helping you creating backups and creating/reading ISO files.
Jolix CD Ripper logo Jolix CD Ripper - Building a solid music collection over the years by acquiring one CD after another can be a very rewarding and elating experience. However, today, having that music collection available on multiple devices and in the formats you need, you has become crucial to any music lover.
Download Jolix Audio Converter Jolix Audio Converter is a feature-filled audio program created for first-class audio encoding actions. It allows you to convert files between multiple popular formats such as MP3, WMA, FAAC MP4/AAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Bonk and FLAC.
Download Jolix Tag Editor Jolix Tag Editor - When it comes to having a properly organized music collection a good tool to edit metadata of common audio formats is an absolute necessity.


All our products are the result of intense research and consumer surveys and are based on users' feedback. That's why we've tried to stick to our self-imposed rule of simplicity, power and quality.