Jolix CD Ripper

Building a solid music collection over the years by acquiring one CD after another can be a very rewarding and elating experience. However, today, having that music collection available on multiple devices and in the formats you need, you has become crucial to any music lover.



Moreover, getting your hands on a much wanted CD even if only for just a few minutes can give you enough time to duplicate it in a digital format you can enjoy forever afterwards.

That’s what Jolix CD Ripper is for: a low resource consuming, yet extremely capable and dedicated application for ripping and converting audio from CDs into digital files under various formats compatible to different players and devices.

Besides being very clean and stylish, the app’s main window is also designed for full functionality, with large, clearly labeled icons for all actions and tasks.

The program allows a fast and easy ripping process using jitter correction for quality control. It also normalizes your audio files to ensure constant volume levels and helps you find track information reading from the CD's .ini file or by using the CDDB database online which means you are spared of the time and effort of filling in music metadata yourself.

While Jolix CD Ripper uses LAME as its default encoder it also offers the option to use it together with additional encoding tools for different formats.


Jolix CD Ripper’s core features include:

  • Easy-to-work-with interface;
  • Creates PLS and M3U playlist files;
  • Normalizes audio files;
  • Offers support for multiple file formats/audio encoders including WAV, MP3, OGG, VQF etc.;
  • Uses advanced jitter correction;
  • Allows transcoding of compressed audio files;
  • Offers support for ID3 V1 and V2 tags;
  • Offers support for CDDB;
  • Offers support for recording using the analog input line;
  • Integrated Player.

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